January 18, 2007

Working With The Whole Community

In December I was looking ahead at projects that I am involved in.

With children in Kindergarten, our friendship groups we will be meeting once a month to explore a specific theme. I believe this next group will focus on the difference between celebrating our accomplishments and successes and braggin... with subtle attention towards competition and comparison.

In the combined 1st/2nd grade classes I hosted mini open spaces where the students posted topics that they thought would be valuable to explore in friendship groups. They then had 3 stickers each with their name on it that they could vote with. Their vote means that they will definitely be involved in that exploration. Some groups will be with the whole class, some will be small groups in my office and some will be one-on-one. A sample list of those topics will come later.

In the third grade we are meeting in small groups based in some classes on gender and others more on personality type. Each group decides for themselves what topics we will be exploring. That list will also come later!

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