October 01, 2006

What do friends do?

In a previous class, students drew a picture of friends doing something after learning skills for active listening. This lesson begins by asking the students what they can remember about being an active listener. Once most of the important points have been named, invite them to practice active listening again today while we share our pictures from last week.

Students who wish can share their drawing of friends doing something. Create a list of things that friends like to do. This list can be a resource for children who are looking for something to do, especially at recess. It can even be made into a wheel that is labeled with ideas for things to do that children can turn to when in need. While the students are sharing their art work, the other children are practicing active listening. If students forget, remind them that we are practing active listening and inquire about one thing that you do when you are actively listening.

If there is extra time the students can color in the drawings they made.

One class asked if the drawings can be made into a book... We'll explore that more when they share their drawings next week.

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