October 07, 2006

Educating for Wholeness in a School Community

My basic intention is to deepen awareness around social and emotional development, opening space for the community to weave together their human resources, connecting with and learning from one another and deepening their capacity to see the world through a child's (or another person's) eyes and look towards solutions for unfolding wholeness. In addition to working individually with people, I am facilitating groups for students, staff and parents. An underlying goal is to invite more relating into the process of problem solving. A central focus of the groups is an invitation to share the wisdom and experience that each person has.

We open space for intimate conversations about what is happening with their children, students or selves and exploration into how we may learn from what we are noticing and discovering. Individuals begin to recognize the 'normal' and 'common' struggles they each have. It's wonderful to feel their excitement at being able to connect with one another around these topics.

One of my goals is to see if I can help inspire a culture where parents meet at each another's homes hosting their own support and practice groups.

This website will contain various resources that I am using that touch on supporting and facilitating social and emotional development with students, staff, parents.

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Jason said...

Hi Ashley,

I found your new blog and it looks great! This space will open up some great learning and opportunities for growth as parents/educators.