January 29, 2009

WOW! Women on Writing Blog Tour

Educating for Wholeness is joining a Blog Tour! We will have the pleasure of hosting guest writers as participants in the WOW! Women on Writing Blog Tour. A blog tour is similar to an author's book tour, but it's hosted online, instead of at, say, a bookstore. The touring author visits a number of blogs (otherwise known as "blog stops") over a set period--typically, a month. It's a wonderful way to network with a readership the author might never get to meet in "real" life. For instance, tours take writers across the U.S., Canada, even Australia all in one month! Even the most gregarious traveler couldn't conquer that much territory in such a short time. But it's not about the territory covered, it's about the interesting people met along the way. The participating blogs are phenomenal. All of them offer something unique to the reader, and they all have different flavors. One thing is for certain, they are all a sweet treat.

The first author on our tour is Ruth J Hartman and her new book, My Life in Mental Chains: My Struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This is a true life story about living with OCD. Ruth will be posting here tomorrow. Today, you can learn more about Ruth:

Ruth J. Hartman was once “normal.” She perceived the world around her as any other person would—until she turned 27. That’s when Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) dug in its claws and refused to let her go. Her world (and her family’s) was turned inside out.
Working as a dental hygienist was difficult enough, but trying to balance her work life with the challenges of OCD was overwhelming. Ruth’s family, friends, and co-workers didn’t understand why she suddenly acted so bizarre. She wanted to help them understand, but she couldn’t. She didn’t understand it herself.

My Life in Mental Chains is moving and tragic, yet in the end, it’s an uplifting story of personal faith and inner strength. Ruth’s insight will be a great comfort to OCD sufferers, their families, and their friends.

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