May 06, 2007

Making Our Fraction of the World a Better Place

A small group of third grade boys decided they wanted to discuss the topic of How to make school a better place and improve it. The conversation went to the topic of global warming. I asked the students if they really thought that it was possible for the seven of us in this room to do something that could make a difference. One child responded, “We can help make our fraction of the world a better place.” Below are the ideas and comments that emerged around this theme.

What can we do right now to make our fraction of the world a better place?

Help with Global Warming
  • Water all the plants to help since with global warming there is not enough water in parts of the Earth.
  • Use lights less
  • Get a car that doesn’t run on gas
  • Don’t waste paper
  • Use water sparingly
  • Use biodiesel
Lots of people are suffering from global warming – some are people I know who don’t have enough water.

Use less water
  • Take showers instead of baths. Take short showers
  • Turn off water when shaving or brushing your teeth
  • Don’t flush the toilet if you don’t have to
I did an experiment. I took a one minute bath and a one minute shower. The bath took more water. That surprised me. Showers can be more effective.

In some places you can’t even water your garden. That’s sad.

If you’re doing something that seems normal to you, think about other people who can’t do that.

Ashley asks, “What are some things that we have or are doing right now that other people might not have?
  • We have toys in here that others don’t have
  • Watches
  • Access to special drinks that others don’t have
  • Health and protection
  • Medicine
  • Electricity
  • Warm clothing
More things we can do to make our fraction of the world a better place

* Turn lights off if you don’t need them
* Use light bulbs that use less electricity
* Think about how we can help people that don’t have as much as we do
* Donate foot, water, money, shelter, clothes, tents
* Donate books that you are not reading anymore or if you have more than one copy
* Have a yard sale and then donate some or all of the money that you make
* You can donate to the donation truck or Salvation Army

Little things can lead up to big things… like pushing in chairs to make more space.

More things we can do right now to make our fraction of the world a better place:
  • Respect elders and older people.
    • They don’t want to feel like idiots or to feel like they’re crazy because they’re old.
    • They are wise because they’ve learned a lot of stuff through going through life.
    • They’ve witnessed things that other people haven’t – they know what it’s like
    • Ask them questions and inquire about their life.

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